Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A new game from the creators of Evolve and Left 4 Dead will be cooperative and dark fantasy shooter

After parting with Valve affairs at Turtle RockStudios somehow does not set out: the independent creation of Evolve was not remembered primarily by the original gameplay but with a catastrophic outflow of users. However, developers are already preparing the next project.
So far there is no official announcement, only a handful of details from Turtle Rock founder Phil Robb and his colleagues in an interview with As a team says studio returns to what it does the best "network cooperative shooter with a mass of bright moments that make the heart pound faster."
There will be a lot of new enemies for the shooting in the unnamed game, but instead of zombies or post-apocalyptic authors concentrate on the dark fantasy. In addition, Turtle Rock insists that their next project is not a spiritual successor to anything.

Developers do not say this directly, but, apparently, their new creation just aiming to free to play. Firstly, the team helps the publisher Perfect World, which specializes just on shareware entertainment. Secondly, Turtle Rock talked a lot about the benefits of F2P. For example, according to the company, product box for 60 bucks - it's like a monolog of developers, but in a continuous dialogue with the audience begins within free to play.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Detroit: Become Human trailer

At some point, Detroit: Become Human from the modern storyteller David Cage (David Cage) has picked up&nbspa flurry of the eye-popping trailers that were launched by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Quantic Dream studio produced a movie based on one of the episodes of the game and shared new details.
In the world of Detroit, androids look like real people and occupy many professions. But some robots suddenly disappear, others suddenly behave strangely, and others suddenly start to feel emotions. Rumors have about androids with disabilities, but no one knows what is really going on.
In the new trailer, we are introduced to Android Connor, the second main character in Detroit. He - a prototype of an advanced, prudent, cool and quick thinking one. Connor is dealing with a delicate situation, where robots have taken hostage a little girl and threatened to throw her off the roof. Quantic Dream shows how branched there are situations in the game. What will you do to save the girl? Where it leads?

Retro slot from NetEnt

One of the best representatives of the industry of development of the games for online casinos, a leader in its field, the company NetEnt pleased their fans with the release of the new slots. Online slots will fall more to taste older generation, taking players back the consciousness of its unique design in the 80s and 90s.

The game called Neon Staxx was developed in HTML5 to ensure the availability of both on desktop computers and mobile gadgets. New online slots will have 5 reels and 40 pay lines, plus a huge amount of bonus symbols that make the game much more fun and help you win a lot more money. Also in the game, free spins will be available, but the most important advantage of these slots is their unmatched music.

Remember the days when we got a good old movie starring Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Dam, Dawn popular of consoles "Dandy" and "Sega", a time when women were engaged in shaping instead of Pilates? Music for slot copies the same 8-bit synth sounds which from the very first seconds transfers players to the first film about the terminator.

The slot has quickly become very popular in Norway. Today toy can see this game almost on every norske spilleautomater (Norwegian slots) page.

Simon Hamon, head of NetEnt, commented on the new slots: «Neon Staxx been developed, both visually and in terms of sound, specifically to cause people have fond memories of the past century. Whether playing at home or on the go, our players will be able to enjoy the excellent quality of our products in retro style - the 80s ".

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony showed a lot of interesting things that at last press conference at E3 in 2016. Including new gameplay snippet of Horizon: Zero Dawn of Guerrilla, which showed us that Eloy is able not only to thrust the boom in cyber dinosaurs.
Eight minutes of the game make it clear that the heroine of Horizon: Zero Dawn is capable of speaking, to tame the mechanical animals (only need to dig deeper into an electric defeated robot brain). After that, you can safely climb on his back and go on exploring the vast world of green. And sometimes even fight enemies without dismounting from his "horse".
Here the developers have shown new - even for Eloy - kind of enemy called Corrupter, which not only preys on those who are weaker than he (the other predators) but the "spoils" of other animals, causing them to mutate and turn red.
Finally, judging from the demo in Horizon: Zero Dawn user can choose interactive replica.