Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A new game from the creators of Evolve and Left 4 Dead will be cooperative and dark fantasy shooter

After parting with Valve affairs at Turtle RockStudios somehow does not set out: the independent creation of Evolve was not remembered primarily by the original gameplay but with a catastrophic outflow of users. However, developers are already preparing the next project.
So far there is no official announcement, only a handful of details from Turtle Rock founder Phil Robb and his colleagues in an interview with As a team says studio returns to what it does the best "network cooperative shooter with a mass of bright moments that make the heart pound faster."
There will be a lot of new enemies for the shooting in the unnamed game, but instead of zombies or post-apocalyptic authors concentrate on the dark fantasy. In addition, Turtle Rock insists that their next project is not a spiritual successor to anything.

Developers do not say this directly, but, apparently, their new creation just aiming to free to play. Firstly, the team helps the publisher Perfect World, which specializes just on shareware entertainment. Secondly, Turtle Rock talked a lot about the benefits of F2P. For example, according to the company, product box for 60 bucks - it's like a monolog of developers, but in a continuous dialogue with the audience begins within free to play.