Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Detroit: Become Human trailer

At some point, Detroit: Become Human from the modern storyteller David Cage (David Cage) has picked up&nbspa flurry of the eye-popping trailers that were launched by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Quantic Dream studio produced a movie based on one of the episodes of the game and shared new details.
In the world of Detroit, androids look like real people and occupy many professions. But some robots suddenly disappear, others suddenly behave strangely, and others suddenly start to feel emotions. Rumors have about androids with disabilities, but no one knows what is really going on.
In the new trailer, we are introduced to Android Connor, the second main character in Detroit. He - a prototype of an advanced, prudent, cool and quick thinking one. Connor is dealing with a delicate situation, where robots have taken hostage a little girl and threatened to throw her off the roof. Quantic Dream shows how branched there are situations in the game. What will you do to save the girl? Where it leads?

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