Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony showed a lot of interesting things that at last press conference at E3 in 2016. Including new gameplay snippet of Horizon: Zero Dawn of Guerrilla, which showed us that Eloy is able not only to thrust the boom in cyber dinosaurs.
Eight minutes of the game make it clear that the heroine of Horizon: Zero Dawn is capable of speaking, to tame the mechanical animals (only need to dig deeper into an electric defeated robot brain). After that, you can safely climb on his back and go on exploring the vast world of green. And sometimes even fight enemies without dismounting from his "horse".
Here the developers have shown new - even for Eloy - kind of enemy called Corrupter, which not only preys on those who are weaker than he (the other predators) but the "spoils" of other animals, causing them to mutate and turn red.
Finally, judging from the demo in Horizon: Zero Dawn user can choose interactive replica.

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